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“How differently are you approaching your business, and what advice have you given to your clients, during this pandemic?”

When the government considers your business “essential” during this COVID-19 crisis, it screams that what we do as AV IT integrators is very important and, well, essential. So how should we approach business during this crisis? And why are we considered “essential?”

The Reality – Hardly anyone is presently in the office, very few are answering their phones and few believe digital signage strategy is a top priority during this crisis. Which is why…

  1. Now more than ever, it is vital to listen before presenting or attempting a sale. Instead, focus on what is important to clients now. Help them understand why they should they act now and who will it help or what problems it will solve.
  2. Sell or Present Value – Not Products
  3. Focus your clients on how digital signage can support their short- and long-term goals.
  4. Position digital signage as part of social responsibility – their “social contract” to provide messaging about safety to clients, employees and stakeholders.
  5. Digital signage should be part of best practices for health safety
    1. a. Digital signage can message safety steps as employees return to work – touch screens can now feature hand sanitizer.
    2. b. Digital signage is now available with temperature sensing to identify risk
    3. c. Digital signage can now track and report the number of people entering or leaving in a space to maintain physical distancing.
    4. d. Digital signage can also provide interactivity without touching a screen, delivering a customized response        
  1. Don’t rely solely on email communication. Almost everyone is getting too many emails, so pick up the phone and call to reinforce your message.
  2. Reassure customers that you respect their work environment and will abide by company safety guidelines.
  3. Set realistic client expectations. Know that, as we come out of this COVID-19 experience, deployments will take longer. Make sure to accommodate delays in your delivery time line.

Digital signage is essential for the short- and long-term. Engage potential opportunities as part of a return-to-work strategy and long-term support of clients’ employees and customers.

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