Ask the Board – August 17, 2020 | TJ DiQUOLLO


“How differently are you approaching your business, and what advice have you given to your clients, during this pandemic?”

Quite obviously, the health and welfare of our employees is of the utmost importance. We are following the CDC guidelines for our own facilities, and of course, we are also following local rules state by state as well as any special orders mandated by our individual customers.

First, we were in a unique situation of having practiced “work from home” policies and procedures as part of our standard operating plans. Diversified Media Group (DMG), as a network operator with IT redundancy and generator back-up for our operation facilities, still had to be prepared for an overriding weather emergency where our teams could not make it to our facilities. That preparation served us well in keeping our frontline workers safe and operational from the outset. Essentially, we never missed a beat. Our Client Success Managers were working with our clients from the early days of the pandemic, letting them know that equipment shipments could be delayed and constantly working back and forth with each site project team to adjust installation dates as necessary. The main advice we have given our clients is to over communicate their situation, as it changes, so we can constantly shift priorities to meet new deadlines.  Of course, we have had to remain extremely flexible as the situation changes week-by-week and sometimes day-by-day. That’s in addition to the local situation changes in their respective locations.

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