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“Holographic projection imagery – is it a fad, or is it here to stay?”

Holographic projection imagery is currently a fad that can graduate to mainstream usage as the technology evolves and the venues in which it could be applied expand.

Brands are always looking for ways to break through the clutter, and this technology is one that has been around for a long time, but hasn’t taken off as quickly as some would have expected. Having your brand “pop” from the shelves or appear to come out of a display would give consumers something to embrace without physically touching it and provide a full view on a virtual stage.

To make this happen, the visual reproduction needs to be improved to a point where the image is projected in a constant stream of sight without breaking up or flickering to maintain consumer interest and deliver the product message seamlessly.

There have been many iterations of the technology, which improve year over year. As the output gets more streamlined, placements get easier to coordinate, and the technology and price to enter the market come down. As brands get more creative in how to use this gimmick to drive awareness and sales, holographic projections will increase in the public eye.

This is why I think it could grow from a fad to mainstream usage.  

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  1. Hi Dave –

    As a veteran of IMAX 3D in cinemas, I have been searching for a glasses-free 3D solution for digital displays. I believe we have found it at Magnetic 3D. We’re taking lenticular to a new level with our 4K displays and content treatment. I think you would be quite amazed at how far the tech has come and the B to B traction we’re getting in numerous verticals.

  2. David Koppelman on

    I have seen Magnetic 3D up close and am definitely impressed by the technology. The difficult part has been the placement and coordination into the public space.

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