Ask the Board – August 19, 2019 | DAVID SALEME


“Holographic projection imagery – is it a fad, or is it here to stay?”

At the risk of sounding like the curmudgeon who hollers “Get off my lawn!” at the neighborhood kiddos on a pleasant summer day, I believe holographic projection imagery at this time is a fad. Holographic projection imagery is stunning to see – both the typical projection type and the newer “fan” style solution. Cost of the units and content development will also remain near-term hurdles. Additionally, to move beyond a fad, the technology needs to solve a problem as well as progress to a level where some form of interaction can be realized to take advantage of its engagement potential. While holographic projections (or semi-holographic projections) have been utilized in several airports, these projections display a repeating loop, provide a limited amount of information, and provide no form of useful interaction. These uses can engage through entertainment and visual stimulation, but the initial interest fades quickly. Also, the repeated messaging limits overall usefulness and value. While these hurdles will likely be overcome, based on the costs and current novelty of the imagery, I would have to label the effort as a fad (while looking forward to the day I am wrong on this!).

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