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“With the onslaught of data entering the fray, how can digital signage buyers and sellers evaluate DOOH as an advertising medium to determine its value and accuracy?”

Data, largely from mobile devices, has provided a wealth of insight to the planning and buying of digital signage. We can now mine mobile location data to determine which aperture points mobile devices frequent, and as such, build a behavioral audience segment based upon the locations or POIs (points of interest) a device frequently visits.  We can also harness mobile device ad ID data to cross-tab with data management platforms (DMP) such as Viant and Neustar to create a more deterministic audience based upon many online and offline segment attributes such as TV viewership, household purchases, purchase intenders and much more. 

Leveraging this data allows us to fine-tune a digital signage media mix and serve relevant ads to the intended audience at the right time and at the right place.  But data doesn’t stop there!  We can continue to harness data from mobile panels or highly accurate geo-location data sourced from code that sits within many mobile apps’ SDKs, which allows us to ‘track’ users that are exposed to digital signage and optimize campaigns once in play.  These mobile panels (inclusive of device GPS panels) ultimately provide attribution by measuring foot-fall, in-store visits or capture sentiment through panel-based surveys sent directly to a mobile user’s device.

The more data that can be associated with a digital sign (or digital signage network), the more valuable it should become, because brands and agencies can now qualify it and measure it not only against the index it achieves by delivering a specific audience, but all the way through attribution so we can parse out the impact that this format had on consumer behavior and the overall ad campaign.

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