Ask the Board – August 20, 2018 | DAVE KOPPELMAN


“With the onslaught of data entering the fray, how can digital signage buyers and sellers evaluate DOOH as an advertising medium to determine its value and accuracy?”

‘Onslaught’ is a great word here. There are so many data points coming in and so many different users of specific pieces of information. The key challenge will be with universal measurement.  If so many people are using different data sources, you won’t be able to compare, to play on a level playing field, or be consistent. It makes the valuation hard, the comparisons tough and the methodology inconsistent.

Having consistent methodology also allows advertisers to have better confidence in the numbers.  If one group “blesses” the numbers, it is easier for acceptance.  When multiple people start spewing numbers, it makes for a wild, wild West, and people can’t truly feel comfortable with the numbers and thus not comfortable with the medium.  You get conflicting methodologies, different base lines and different audience numbers.  Nobody can work with that. It allows people to start making up things, taking liberties with delivery, and bringing us back to a dark place where we were never taken seriously as an industry.

It is an awesome time right now.  Data is getting smarter. Data is getting more abundant.  We just have to hope that, as the influx of data comes in, people bless the methodology on BOTH sides of the desk.


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