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“With the onslaught of data entering the fray, how can digital signage buyers and sellers evaluate DOOH as an advertising medium to determine its value and accuracy?”

Seeing the value of DOOH advertising is easy, but accuracy is more challenging to determine. This is because digital signage does not have a clear return signal like the closed loop of the Internet. The good news is there are many measurement and impression tools that are becoming more commonly utilized.

Here is my advice to help make the most out of your DOOH advertising:

  1. Predefine Your Audience Requirements.

Have a solid game plan of who you are targeting before you begin any ad campaign. Be specific about your demographics, and even create an avatar or persona to help guide your marketing efforts. Use requirements such as time of day and location to ensure that your marketing is reaching the right people at the right time.

  1. Create Intelligently Designed Content.

Make sure that the foundation of your content is built on a solid strategy. Use elements like color, contrast and motion to draw the eye to key areas of your design. Keep your overall design clean and simple. This will help your content be more quickly and easily processed by consumers. Take adequate time to focus on visual hierarchy, and make sure your content is visually optimized.

  1. Leverage Data-Driven Content.

Do what you can to make your message relevant with your target audience’s everyday life. Be smart and find data feeds that help support your strategy and better connect your marketing to your consumers (weather, traffic, news, location, time of day etc.). 

  1. Do Your Homework on Your SSP.

Ask what your SSP (Supply Side Platform) is doing, track impressions and find out what types of measurement tools they have implemented. Before you commit to a platform, make sure they have a CMS that allows for you to see impressions, demographics and other useful information to track your marketing success. And finally, learn what they are doing to perfect programmatic and continue its growth, as this will play a large role in DOOH accuracy and usability.

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