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“How has your business model changed, if at all, during this pandemic?”

Other than the usual changes in sales prospecting and communication, we have seen some direct and indirect changes to our business model as we navigate through this pandemic.

Some of the direct changes have been the addition of alternate locations to provide our highly curated health education content. Our original business model was to provide digital signage content on our physical devices at locations like doctors’ offices – traditionally referred to as “Points of Care.” We are now leading the industry to enable the same educational content in virtual waiting rooms – what we are calling “Moments of Care.” This has also meant that we are looking to partner with other service providers in that space to grow together … especially TeleMedicine and other technology service providers.

Indirect changes came in the form of being more data-driven and analytics taking a front seat. We were already very heavily indexing on our own engagement analytics. But given the chaos created by the pandemic, and the lack of “consistent” data coming into the marketplace, we have started relying on trusted data sources and integrating that into our business decision process. Datasets like clinic foot traffic and its prevalence in decision-making is a direct impact of this change.

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