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“Will digital signage continue to evolve to focus on the customer experience, away from simple advertising as we move into 2020?”

I believe digital content will continue to evolve. Truly creative content will replace boring content. What exactly is creative content? It is content that makes you stop and watch. It is as simple as that. I was recently in Seoul, South Korea on business, and digital is used in a huge way there both inside and for exterior signage. One particular department store was having a sale on home goods. There’s certainly nothing special about that, but the surprise element was the creative content. I literally stopped to watch it, then videoed it to share with other retailers as an example of creative content. As more and more digital message boards are being used, the more we are becoming numb to their potential. Good creativity comes with a price, which might be one reason why we don’t see a lot of good creative content. However, investment in agencies that can deliver will be well worth it. More and more consumers want to be entertained in the retail environment, and digital needs to play its role in the solution.

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