Ask the Board – August 26, 2019 | MARK GEIGER


“Will digital signage continue to evolve to focus on the customer experience, away from simple advertising as we move into 2020?”

As SMART digital technology continues to evolve, and more and more displays have the capability to “read” not only your phone, but also social media postings and/or web searches for your buying and purchase preferences, the display will actually target the consumer whenever they get within a certain radius of the display. The display will then access your profile and display advertising, news flashes, scenes from your favorite movies, event information that you’re interested in, and any other visual attraction targeted at you, to keep your attention as advertising floats in the corners of the screen or scrolls across the bottom. As the displays learn more about your life, and that information is shared across various platforms, you will be exposed to your interests in an effort to entice a reaction to buy, subscribe, or visit. Every display, in essence, will become your personal salesperson … until you walk away.  So in short, yes, I believe digital signage will continue to evolve and focus on the customer experience as it will be easier to measure and show value to advertisers.

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