Ask the Board – August 26, 2019 | MEGAN McSWEENEY


“Will digital signage continue to evolve to focus on the customer experience, away from simple advertising as we move into 2020?”

Yes, digital signage will continue to evolve to have a streamlined focus on the customer experience as we move into 2020. No longer are we using digital signs just as straight advertising vehicles. Instead, those organizations that are sophisticated and customer-oriented enough to focus on it will allocate funding for using this medium to impact the customer experience. As we drive toward a more digital world overall, and as kids grow up with tiny “digital signs” or iPads in their hands, it’s ever more important to use digital signage as a way to drive a better, more streamlined, sleeker experience for the consumer. In my world of healthcare, digital signage is being used as part of the customer experience already, and I see it evolving to be even more important, as a differentiator, as 2020 comes around.

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