Ask the Board – August 27, 2018 | DAVE DOLEJSI


“What are the content trends and differences for outdoor signage versus indoor signage?”

We all know the difference between apples and oranges, correct? Well, from a content perspective, this could be that. Or, it could be more of a lemons and limes kind of thing … same family, similar nutritional value, sour, but still different.

I’ll be touching on this in my content talk at DSE. 

Creating great content for the best digital signage experience, be it outdoor or indoor, comes down to the consideration of the same three elements:

– Environment

– Audience

– Objectives

You can’t create a message of impact based on the business objectives alone. You need to know to whom you are talking. Not just for whom the message was meant, but where they will be seeing it. We are assuming the signage location was selected based on reaching this specific audience, but we have all seen examples where we question whether this happened or not. 

Now go a step further. Push past who is seeing it and where they are seeing it, and think about exactly how far away they are. How long will the screen be in view? How many other elements are competing for their attention? Is seeing this screen somehow relevant to another experience? Will seeing this screen push them around the top of the funnel, or out the bottom of it?

Understanding these elements brings context to the development of content. This is what leads to better knowledge of the role of digital signage in the audience/customer journey. It is what will drive the trend towards hyper-localization of content. 


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