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“What are the content trends and differences for outdoor signage versus indoor signage?”

I’m finding that indoor signage is moving towards informational and data-driven screens like digital bulletin boards, directories, and dashboards. Traditional digital poster- type content is still common on indoor retail screens, in the same way that most outdoor screens are heavily driven by advertising and run mostly loops of images and videos. As the industry grows, more clients are requesting content that goes beyond the basics of video and images, especially on indoor communication screens. 

On many of these data-driven screens, content becomes the responsibility of in-house employees and not advertising agencies. Content templates and news feeds are extremely important to help in-house employees maximize their content workflow with easy-to-update solutions. Also, content set-up and training are extremely important for indoor signage, as employees are challenged to understand new software tools they’ve never experienced before. With corporate, resident and student communication screens, data from sources like Google Sheets, Office 365, and numerous APIs are driving automated content messaging to help keep content fresh.

Dwell times and viewing distances are all interpreted differently between outdoor and indoor, so you must consider that through development. 




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