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“How have you been advising clients to change their digital signage messaging, if at all, during this pandemic?”

We produce many different forms of content beyond those used specifically for digital signage. During this time, we have had a lot of clients look to us with some genuine dismay at what they should be doing in all channels. In the face of the unprecedented, and with the absence of best practices, or even previous examples from which to derive a strategy, I tend to return to the basics. 

It’s back to the brand and communicating exactly, and succinctly, what you feel your customers A) NEED to hear from you, B) WANT to hear from you, and C) SHOULD hear from you in order to make their present and future better, tolerable, functional or whatever else they need to get through the next moment they engage with your brand.

Obviously, digital signage in spaces that are still open and operating should focus their content towards customer assistance and reassurance:

– These are the measures in place to keep you and our staff safe

– This is how we ask you to navigate the new shopping experience

– Wayfinding and navigation messaging

– This is what we have done in your community to assist during these difficult times

– These are the products and services we are no longer offering at this time

– These products are out of stock

– This is our new app and how to use it

– Don’t forget about our e-commerce

– This is how our ordering and curbside pick-up works

There are literally hundreds of other communication points, but obviously, the best move is to tailor messaging according to your specific business or institution. We have been working throughout this crisis to assist our clients in pivoting their communications and content as each situation demands. Of equal importance will be monitoring these content strategies on a daily and ongoing basis to ensure the content is relevant, timely and does not inadvertently create negative reactions by appearing tone deaf.

It’s the basic, and very essence of exceptional digital signage function – think first and foremost of what you would need if you were to partake of your own business or institution as a student, patient, client, employee or customer. Start with that, and you can be confident that your COVID digital signage content strategy is the right one for your brand, and your audience.

Stay safe.

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