Ask the Board – August 3, 2020 | JIM NISTA


“How have you been advising clients to change their digital signage messaging, if at all, during this pandemic?”

Many of our accounts are employee or customer-facing displays, so with employees and customers staying safe at home, there’s not much to say on these signs. I’m encouraged by the pivots I’ve seen with our clients to better informing their work-from-home employees via other means, and know that once business begins returning to somewhat normal, we will see internal communication and retail screens providing up-to-date messaging, new rules and best health practices.

Contactless interactive is becoming a very common request as businesses that rely on touch screens are reopening. I’m advising on ways visitors can safely interact with public displays using different methods. Some options include remote control of the display through a smart phone, viewing and interacting with a clone of the content on a smart phone, or through voice commands. Stimulus money is being targeted to upgrade software and hardware to better support new ways of interacting with public information displays, and this will be our industry’s greatest area of growth for the remainder of 2020.


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