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“How have you been advising clients to change their digital signage messaging, if at all, during this pandemic?”

Many businesses have recognized that their audience is in a season of trial, but my fear is that they blanket this without regard for their particular audience. The best way to shoot your content strategy in the foot is to completely ignore the context of your particular audience personas. Where are they coming from? Where are they going? What do they care about and value? What are they feeling in the context to which they are viewing your message in the store or as they return to the office? This feeling may be one way now and be completely different in a month. Our content messaging should be just as malleable and fresh as our audience.  

Therefore, my advice is that we need to keep a very close pulse on our audience because, depending on your audience persona, the message and intent of your content should be very different. 

  • Audience Persona One: On one hand, we have those that are feeling depressed, constrained, and overwhelmed. This audience is looking for solutions to their problems, not pitches. The ethos of your communication to this audience needs to focus on how people are doing, not on how you can upsell them or pretend like the world isn’t struggling in just about every way. Now, of course, a business still needs to be a business, and depending on the type of network you have, you may filter your messages through the lens of your Audience Persona while also leveraging your screens in such a way as to support the original objective of the network. That said, my advice for this audience is that, during this pandemic and economic turmoil, you should reconsider what the objective of our network is right now. Originally, your point-of-sale network may have the objective to see a sales lift, but right now, given the context, a message saying that your “[insert brand here]is here for them and that we will all get through this together” may be a better temporary move.
  • Audience Persona Two: On the other hand, I know a lot of people in their 20-30s that are absolutely sick of these stay-at-home orders and hearing about COVID-19 every two seconds no matter where they look. They just want to get back to normal life and talk about things that are positive. 

In summary, study your audience. Ask them questions. Keep a pulse on things as this pandemic progresses. Content messaging that may feel like a healing balm to one audience may feel like a screeching chalkboard to another. 

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