Ask the Board – August 31, 2020 | CHRIS KING


“What do you see changing in the digital signage space during this pandemic that might positively or negatively impact your workflow?”

We’re not seeing so much of a change in workflow, but certainly seeing a change in content, which can affect workflow. Much of our content was originating from a controlled origin through best business practices reflecting the day-to-day operations. A shift has occurred that allows this content to flow more freely in light of the current conditions affecting the business and associates as they try to adjust to new forms of appreciation, information and current events related to betterment of all involved. It has become much more of a priority to provide uplifting communications and stories while continuing to effectively provide other important information. Safety and health practices are of utmost importance, and while necessary, they can be exhausting. Providing appreciation from fellow associates, customers and the public has become much more relevant and now involves more social channels than previously used.

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