Ask the Board – August 31, 2020 | DOUG ANDERSON


“What do you see changing in the digital signage space during this pandemic that might positively or negatively impact your workflow?”

For the transit industry, digital signage has proven to be a valuable information dissemination medium during this pandemic. It allows the agency to immediately broadcast dynamically changing safety messages to our riders at bus and train stations throughout the entire L.A. County service area. Of positive note is the universal recognition by our content providers of the power to digitally link to and reuse web-based URLs already created by other government agencies to provide the absolute latest and most current information regarding the pandemic on demand. Content providers have been especially impressed and appreciative of the logistical value of ensuring a consistent message at hundreds of remote locations with the push of a button. My expectation for the future, based on lessons learned, is tighter integration of future content that is created based on standards more inclusive of digital signage.

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