Ask the Board – August 31, 2020 | LAWRENCE CHANG


“What do you see changing in the digital signage space during this pandemic that might positively or negatively impact your workflow?”

The biggest impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had is all about economics. Digital signage in general is a wish list item for us, not a must-have item in order for our organization to operate. So the initial thought is that the budget should be cut, and we’ve done so for the foreseeable future. However, it isn’t quite as simple as that.

With people being asked to distance socially, now more than ever, digital signage can become more useful for information sharing, and instead of having person-to-person interactions, we can push more information out quickly with a larger inventory of displays. Over the course of the pandemic, our signage has been used to inform people about building closures, newly modified hours, reminders to wash hands along with the how-to, and even to just glow solid colors to show our support for the frontline health care workers, lighting up our whole facility in that color. 

It has brought about a larger awareness about what we can do as a content team for our organization, how we can use our digital signage more effectively in an emergency situation, and where we can place signage more effectively, with content triggered based on levels of response.    

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