Ask the Board – August 31, 2020 | RALPH SCHORBACH


“What do you see changing in the digital signage space during this pandemic that might positively or negatively impact your workflow?”

In our world of COVID, as many of you know, I’m living out my existence at home in isolation (generally speaking), but it seems our digital signage is not.  How is the pandemic changing digital signage as we know it?  There are two sides to this question, which I will call internal and external.  What I mean by that is … 

External are non-interactive signs that are used on billboards, as freeway signs, window display, point signs, wayfinding and all the different methods of non-interactive signs that can still be used to help disseminate data at our time of crisis and hopefully NOT just saying your’e closed. You should be using this opportunity to allow vital information about COVID, public safety, and status relevant to your region to get out there. This is a golden opportunity to use this relevant and correct information to build/expand trust for your fan base. There is so much needed information that seems to be changing on a daily basis, that it makes sense to do your part in helping our society and people in need. 

Internal is digital signage that is interactive or in a place that can’t be used or accessed at this time. These would be areas like meeting- or lunchroom-type displays that have no current benefit since no one is there to view them. If you can, shut them down so they aren’t displaying misinformation and save the life on the equipment.  

This is really the time to re-invent and prepare for the change when we all go back to (somewhat) normal in our post-COVID life.

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