Ask the Board – August 31, 2020 | STEVE “CHEWIE” STAVAR


“What do you see changing in the digital signage space during this pandemic that might positively or negatively impact your workflow?”

The pandemic has obviously impacted the number of eyes on screens. With no students and minimal faculty and staff on campus, information that would have previously been published to our screens is simply not being created. When we do go back on campus, it will be an uphill battle to get all contributors back on their “horses” and regularly contributing content again.

I’ve looked into other ways of communicating with students beyond social media and emails. For instance, the time before a class starts on a remote call is a “dead” period where we might be able to pivot our universal messaging to those eyes staring at a screen waiting for class to start. Since we have our own system that will allow us to put content into our CMS, I worked with our team to come up with a way to present the information we usually would have had on our digital signs presented instead on a web page. The thought is the faculty member will be able to screen share this webpage before class starts.

If our pilot works for the summer session, we think we can expand it and make different feeds for each of our campuses and hopefully get to the point where each school and college have their own web feed much like how our system works on campus now. We have a stretch goal of making the delivery of the content 100-percent web accessible so we can embed the content we are putting on our digital signs and web URL into other touch points for the students, faculty, and staff. The added benefit is we can start that uphill battle now and encourage communicators to utilize the digital signage solution on our virtual campus so it won’t be as much of a shock when we eventually are able to come back on campus.

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