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“How strong is the supply of the next generation’s AV/IT talent?”

This is a question that is probably asked in every profession across all verticals! Technology is developing at an incredible pace, and the hardware that is driving this technology is also making peoples’ heads spin. I believe that the next-generation of AV/IT Talent will come into the workforce with solid knowledge on the latest technology and will be able to offer a fresh look at new implementations. They will, however, show some lack of knowledge about existing systems and how to integrate with them. Real-world experience will be the only way to define the talent of each individual and see if they can bridge the gap between the old and new. Combining technologies from a few years ago with cutting-edge technology from today can be challenging and something they will encounter. Clients may not want to rip out all of their devices every few years since that is not a great way to approach operating expenses. They may gradually update and replace; this is where knowledge of systems and integration are put to the test. So, to answer this question, it is simply a ‘yes or no’ response. ‘Yes,’ the next-generation of AV/IT talent will be strong with new technologies, and ‘No,’ because they will struggle with some combined technology integrations. It boils down to experience and education, and what they’ve had prior to working with your company.

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