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“How would you like to see the digital signage industry landscape change over the next five years?”

The market is extremely saturated with options for a digital signage solution. For anyone in this industry, this can be frustrating and confusing, especially to a consumer. Every solution out there in the digital signage landscape claims to be the best. I know for a fact that not all solutions are created equal. For example, some solutions offer everything you can think of but are not easy to use. Other solutions are over-simplified and limit traditional digital signage tasks like RSS, weather, time and date. I have viewed several solutions and noticed that some differences are minor in the interface as well as in the distribution of the messaging. But what about support on the products? That also impacts the overall experience. The user can also grow into new requirements with their digital signage deployment. Will the solution support more endpoints? Will the solution allow for interactivity? What about streaming video? How will all this impact the client’s budget?

In the next few years, I would like to see best-of-breed solutions start to stand out more, along with a focus on ease of use and the ability to meet the demands of the client. One approach is for solutions to offer upgrades and offerings to the client. As their needs grow into different areas of the market, modules or packages of applications can be made available to the client and could be purchased as the requirement arises. This would eliminate the cost and headaches of looking for a new solution. 

The landscape has already evolved so much in other areas of digital signage. The traditional approach of display and media player has changed to now having options in the approach. With displays that offer webOS or SOC, this eliminates the need for a physical media player. There are instances where a media player must be factored in, especially when using the displays for an interactive experience or high-quality videos, where you will need a media player with the horsepower to push the content. Over time, this will change as well, and displays will be able to perform all tasks without the need for a media player as newer versions are constantly being designed. There are also other smart devices to factor in here, on which we are starting to see the industry focus. You can push messaging to phones, tablets and desktops. It will be interesting what will be available in 10 years. Perfecting digital signage on glass? Holograms? The ability to send messaging will be even easier in the future as these methods become more sophisticated.

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