ASK THE BOARD: Battle of the Aspect Ratios

Most screens are now in the 16:9 format. Even PowerPoint recommends 16:9 as the default standard for presentations. How do you convince the die-hard executive who clings to his or her 4:3 materials, saying that it prints better?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Jonathan Brawn

“This is an interesting question… I can understand why someone would say 4:3, or even 3:2 would print better, but this isn’t about print.”
Principal – Brawn Consulting

Read the Answer by Cheryl Flohr

“Some of us remember the days before digital presentations like PowerPoint, when speakers used viewgraphs on lighted projectors to show illustrations and outline their comments.”
Director of Communications – Parker Aerospace

Read the Answer by Ignaz Gorischek

“Change is always difficult, but as we know, if the majority wants change, change happens.”
Vice President, Retail – CallisonRTKL

Read the Answer by Margot Myers

“If the die-hard executive calling the shots is a non-media-savvy intransigent who cannot be confused with the facts because he (or she) has already decided that 4:3 is the way to go, I’d say you are up a creek without a paddle.”
Global Marketing & Communications – The Platt Retail Institute

Read the Answer by Jeff Porter

“‘Welcome to the 21st Century old man!’ Don’t show your age by going back to the 4:3 format for your PowerPoint and digital signage content. When was the last time you saw a 4:3 aspect ratio TV?”
Founder & CEO – Porter Digital Signage

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