ASK THE BOARD: Beyond Business Objectives

In what ways have you been able to exploit your existing digital signage network beyond the original business objectives to provide greater benefit than originally promised?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board
Read the Answer by Joel Allard

“My experience around this has more to do with utilizing the technology platform beyond what it was implemented to deliver than it does with having enhanced experiences within existing displays or signage.”
Senior Creative Specialist, In-Store Digital – Target

Read the Answer by Jesse Breidinger

“In my experience, I’ve seen customers take their digital signage network to the next level in several creative ways. As mentioned in earlier DSE blog articles, a lot of my experience with digital signage falls within professional sports stadium environments as it relates to food and beverage activation.”
Senior Customer Marketing Manager – The Coca-Cola Company

Read the Answer by Matthew Brown

“Working for a financial services company means you are often faced with having to balance innovation against risk when it comes to pushing boundaries. Words like ‘exploit’ usually cause heart palpitations whether talking about digital signage, or any member-facing channel.”
Manager, Digital Experience – Servus Credit Union Ltd.

Read the Answer by Penny Carter

“Our initial plan for digital signage was to reach the non-wired workforce – factory workers who do not have access to computers. The only way these employees were able to learn about what was going on in the company was by reading printed newsletters that were placed in area break rooms.”
Digital Signage Lead – Lockheed Martin

Read the Answer by Len Dudis

“Beyond the normal display of information, we have incorporated real-time integration with back-end systems to greatly reduce the overhead time necessary to perform content updates. In order to accurately display availability for inventory controlled shows, we have integrated our CMS with our reservations system…”
Corporate Vice President, IT – SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Read the Answer by Kim Dwyer

“Our digital signage system was originally approved as a way to reduce clutter in our nursing break rooms within the various units of our hospital. While we knew this was a driving force, we never dreamed how much we would be able to roll into the system.”
Corporate Communications Senior Account Manager – Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Read the Answer by Paul Fleuranges

“In our case, we didn’t necessarily plan to showcase the work our crews perform to improve the reliability of the subway network to any great extent.‎ As fate would have it, the roll out of our “On-The-Go Travel Station” kiosk network began after super storm Sandy.”
Vice President, Corporate Communications – New York City Transit Authority

Read the Answer by Mark Geiger

“The original use of our digital signage network was geared toward wayfinding. We would generate content that utilized our single monitors at full-screen. After procuring new software, we were able to utilize specific sections of the screen for wayfinding…”
Associate Director, Marketing & Business Development – Georgia World Congress Center

Read the Answer by Amanda Grabowski

“At the University of Michigan, digital signage was initially implemented to provide information and wayfinding to the UM Community, but with the main goal of having a signage network that could interact with the Emergency Alert Notifications from the Department of Public Safety and Security.”
Business Systems Analyst – University of Michigan

Read the Answer by Thomas Kunka

“At the University of Illinois, our approach to digital signage has been to develop the offering as a campus-level IT service and provide it to departments at a highly discounted rate. In 2008, our unit became involved with the construction of two new campus buildings.”
Senior Application Specialist, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Read the Answer by Chuck Lampe

“We began building our digital signage network with multiple business objectives in mind. We knew it would be versatile enough to improve efficiency in many of our business units, improve the sales environment and inform customers. Even with that start, there have been opportunities that we did not foresee.”
Digital Signage Manager, Creative Services – Wells Fargo

Read the Answer by Frank McGuinness

“I think everyone goes into their initial digital signage projects knowing their value estimates will be pretty far off. You honestly don’t know what you don’t know. So, in which ways do you find additional benefit?”
Integration Consultant – Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Read the Answer by Patricia Mitrano

“In addition to the original screen deployment placed in elevator bank areas and lobbies where there is some wait time, we were able to also share the content on a local intranet home page, which increased viewing opportunity into the thousands.”
Director of Visual Communications – Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Read the Answer by Daniel Orme-Doutre

“Our original objectives were around poster reduction and cost savings. While that has been achieved to a degree, it is still an ongoing objective.”
Senior Content Publishing Manager – Microsoft

Read the Answer by Ralph Schorbach

“During the design, development and implementation of digital signage, it can be challenging in and of itself with committee members not understanding the technologies and how it works, expecting too much without proper funding or product mismatches.”
IT Manager – Fairplex

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