ASK THE BOARD: Budgeting Creative Services

How do you advise your clients when it comes to budgeting creative services for a project?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Ben Kaluski

“Organizations utilizing or just starting digital signage almost always underestimate the content needs and costs. Content is often a secondary budgetary consideration … “
Account Manager – Freshwater Digital

Read the Answer by Dave Dolejsi

“When budgeting for a project, first of all, please remember that you will need creative services! It is astonishing how many projects I have worked on where little to no consideration was given to the content.”
Associate Vice President – Content Strategy
St. Joseph Communications

Read the Answer by Steve Glancey

“Assuming the term “creative services” refers to “content,” I wouldn’t suggest budgeting on a project-to-project basis at all when it comes to digital signage – at least to start.”
Vice President Business Development – ScreenFeed Content

Read the Answer by Bryan Meszaros

“Developing a creative budget for a project is often a difficult task to undertake. Part of the reason is because we are being tasked to create something that is “unique,” and the cost is usually determined by the amount of hours we believe it will take to produce.”
CEO & Founder – OpenEye

Read the Answer by Jim Nista

“Like most creative agencies, we budget either hourly or as a set-price project with a detailed scope of work. Typically, even on set-price budget projects, we give ourselves (and the client) the option to convert the project to hourly if there are significant revisions or change orders.”
Senior Director of Content Creation Services, Almo Pro AV

Read the Answer by Marcos Terenzio

“We believe that the first phase of any collaborative digital experience is getting a better understanding of our client’s business objectives in order to help them establish and plan their ongoing content needs. We put these goals into context by evaluating effective digital solutions from both a business and customer perspective.”
Vice President, Creative & Strategy – iGotcha Media

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