Ask the Board – December 10, 2018 | TRAVIS KRAGH


“How do you see Artificial Intelligence (AI) figuring in the future of digital signage?”

Artificial Intelligence has become commercialized and has made its way into our everyday lives. It is in our pockets, in our homes and it is even making its way into our cars. You may not realize it, but we are starting to experience AI in digital signage as well. 

AI is an amazing tool that allows us to adapt content in order to deliver consumers more relevant and impactful media. Cameras and motion sensors are already capturing data that is being used to trigger content changes. At ClockNine, AI drives the algorithms that power our data-driven Smart Content.™ 

In the future, AI will become a blend of many technologies and machine learning. Cameras, microphones, apps, beacons, sensors and real-time data will work together to help us deliver a more incredible digital experience. This will lead to new programmatic ad buying opportunities with more concrete analytics to support demographic targeting.

AI will not only create better marketing opportunities but a more personalized experience for consumers. Microphones will detect language to translate headlines and entire wayfinding applications. AI will not only alter the content on a display but the entire shopping experience. AI data will modify lighting, music and even audio to create a more personalized and fully immersive experience. 

AI will also supply sales associates with important information about consumer shopping habits. For instance, if you use a company’s app to shop, they may know that you typically buy one pair of pants and two shirts when shopping. When you go to try on a pair of pants, digital displays (and an associate) may suggest two matching shirts to try on.

All of this probably sounds a bit intimidating to the average person. That’s why I believe how we introduce this technology is vital to its success. People must view what we are doing as benefit rather than an invasion of privacy. It’s really our job to make them feel more comfortable as we push forward into the future of AI and digital signage.

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