Ask the Board – December 16, 2019 | BRYAN MESZAROS


“What are some best practices in content creation to attract and connect with Millennials and Gen Z?”

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to: 1. Tell a unique brand story, 2. Make the audience feel it’s authentic and 3. Use data to create relevance in real time… Oh… and do it all within 15 seconds… Think it’s impossible? If so, close up shop because you will be out of business in a short amount of time. 

With Millennials coming into their prime and Gen Z shortly behind them, it presents a unique challenge to engage both. From a strategic POV, utilizing data is even more critical as it’s about demand and immediacy. With loyalties shifting constantly, you have to be mindful of how you target your audience and be reactive to their needs in real time; that’s where the ability to utilize data to help inform decisions is critical. However, it also can’t be “sell sell sell” as we are beyond the $9.99 special. It’s a generation searching for authenticity and poignant stories forcing us to be creative on how we engage with them. Short branded messages (think Twitter), data triggered content (think Instagram ads) and the frequency in which they see it are all aspects you need to consider. We don’t retain a lot of information today as there is so much media saturation that it’s hard to leave a lasting impression, BUT impressions do count. There’s no right answer here…your creativity in balancing the mix above will help you be successful unless your client is stuck in the days of believing everyone should compete on price with a “20 percent off discount” message to help drive sales. 


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