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“What are some best practices in content creation to attract and connect with Millennials and Gen Z?”

For a little more perspective, I’m going to focus my response towards retail environments. Expectations of consumers are exceptionally high:

  • Used to real-time content and access
  • Comparative shopping at their fingertips
  • More product knowledge than most staff

These elements are true for all groups, but Millennials certainly have these characteristics. In fact, it is almost more of a guide about what content shouldn’t be produced.

But since Gen Z will make up 40 percent of consumers by the end of 2020, let’s take a look at that group.

Gen Z has a lot of interesting traits to consider:

  • Extremely tech savvy – they have never lived in a time without WIFI, mobile devices, or Google, meaning they expect to get whatever they need in the shortest amount of time possible, and they don’t mind if you ask them to engage with your content in a meaningful and interactive manner. In fact, they welcome it.
  • They spend up to three hours a day on social media, meaning integration of social media content is also most welcome, as is using your content to leverage those same platforms as a location for engagement.
  • They appreciate brands that make authentic, personal connections with them – i.e., they want to believe brands can be a part of their lives. So what does that take? Well, a recent survey said 65 percent of Gen Z felt brands should take a stand on social issues, so integrate whatever stance you adopt into your content.

I think you’ll see the pattern here. If they want to care about brands, if they want to make brand choices based on your stance on issues, if they already have instant access to purchasing and information, then brands need to take all of these factors into strong consideration when deciding what content they need to create and how it supports the in-store experience.

Develop your content to reflect their interests and media consumption habits. Make the experience of viewing your content a rewarding and valuable one. Make sure they feel that if they chose to look away from their screen to look at yours, they feel they are winning out on that value exchange.

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