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“What are some best practices in content creation to attract and connect with Millennials and Gen Z?”

Oftentimes, companies are looking for different and engaging ways to communicate to their employees. Communications gets lost amongst pressing client emails or are pushed to the back burner to be read later. Where employees use the intranet or bulletin boards for communications, it is easy to look past. Utilizing these old school techniques, content can appear to be too tedious or too long to actually read. So, how do we gain employee attention? We create an internal network for corporate communications and design digital content that is relevant, eye-catching and easy to digest.

With more millennials entering the workforce as baby boomers retire, companies need to make changes to their internal communication strategy and ensure it includes digital signage. Planning your digital strategy can feel cumbersome in the beginning, but if it is well thought out and carefully planned, it will help deliver successful results. Partnering with a company that specializes in content and digital strategy is a great way to ensure the network is engaging, dynamic and provides cost savings.

Typically, we recommend the content is a mix of custom-produced and sourced third- party aggregator-provided content. Content uses motion graphics to inform and engage team members, to provide updates on the company’s strategy and success and to keep viewers aware of information that is outside their day-to-day activities. Syndicated content includes weather, news and local events. While some of the content is intended as decompression content, it also provides team members opportunities for teambuilding. 

Millennials want to have a purpose, to receive praise, to be social, and to have transparency while helping their company turn a profit. Transparency isn’t just in regard to financials. It also means transparency across departments, teams, about open positions, new rollouts, and philanthropy. Custom templates can be populated with content regarding successful projects, community service projects or employee promotions. Leadership is able to clearly and effectively communicate how the company is doing in regards to reaching profit goals or with new product rollouts. Content regarding local events can provide them avenues to get to know their teammates and spend time together outside of the office.

Millennials are requiring businesses to make changes to how they operate and communicate. Incorporating a digital signage network that is engaging, attractive and provides cost savings? It could be worse.

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