Ask the Board – December 16, 2019 | JIM NISTA


“What are some best practices in content creation to attract and connect with Millennials and Gen Z?”

I hear a lot of noise that these generational bands are more fickle than older people. That’s bogus! Young people of every decade (including my own) were fast to spot trends and fast to abandon them. There’s little difference in how someone in their teens or 20s today reacts to messaging than when my friends and I were in the same age groups. However, what’s truly unique about these groups is they have always had some sort of Internet connected device in their hands, and they’re much more savvy about privacy and controlling access of friends and family to their personal data. It’s not that they’re unwilling to share content, they’re just more selective about who they want to see what they’re sharing. If you’re careful about sharing content grandma might see, imagine how you are about sharing with a brand or advertiser? 

Because of their predisposition to take better care of what they share and with whom, earning their engagement with your content truly requires a more genuine and sincere approach. The younger people with whom I speak have a better filter when it comes to content, advertising or noise and sort the difference between each more quickly. They’ll respond well to focused and relevant content that matters specifically to them, not as an age band, but as a person with specific likes, goals and needs.


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