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“What are some best practices in content creation to attract and connect with Millennials and Gen Z?”

Two things to focus on, the first is what content? And, second is content design. 

What content? 

Make sure two things drive your network objectives within your content targeting GenZ in particular, but also Millennials:

  1. Value:Give them something that is worth acting on within the first few seconds. Even eight seconds isn’t quick enough anymore. Hit them with a major discount offer or information that is hook-worthy – something that is either interesting or enlightening.
  2. User-Generated Stories:Picking up off of the social media upbringing, individual contributors or spokespersons on behalf of your objective with a genuine story will resonate every time. 

Content design

Fork over the extra budget dollars to make your content look good and feel on-trend. Although an emphasis on good design should go without saying, there’s arguably even more importance for creating content that makes good use of current design trends and color palettes. Millennials and Gen Z spend a large portion of their media consumption time on social media and other online content platforms. Since the content on these platforms tends to refresh so rapidly, it’s able to keep up with design trends as they evolve, which leads to a very design-savvy audience (whether they realize it or not) because there’s a good chance they’re being presented with the latest and greatest creative ALL THE TIME. Passé design and creative may run the risk of standing out as irrelevant and ‘old.’

A great story or a crazy good offer can offset some outdated designs, but it is an up-hill battle. Great trendy design + great user-generated stories + valuable offers = Gen Z and Millennial action on your objective. 

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