Ask the Board – December 17, 2018 | RICHARD DAUGHERTY


“What can we do to create a better environment to attract and support start-ups and new small businesses and/or developers who want to break into the industry?”

A new business going into an industry that is already oversaturated with competing technologies and solutions that differ only slightly can be daunting, but this is something that shouldn’t deter the new business. If they have a solid product, they will find the clients or an integrator that can help push the solution both nationally and globally.

I regularly meet with vendors who are bringing their solutions to market and want to partner with an integrator to help get their solution get more visibility. When looking and vetting a new solution, there are a few simple things I keep in mind:

  • How well does the product demo and stand up to other solutions in the same space?
  • What are the differentiators?
  • How does support look for the product?
  • Is the cost one-time or reoccurring?
  • Cloud, on-prem or a hybrid?
  • A big feature I look for is performance with the customer – How well does the solution perform for the customer?
  • Did it meet all expectations?

Keep these items in check, and your business will find success.

We welcome new solutions. Trade shows like DSE highlight the new trends and technologies that are shaping the way we view things and interact with them. The industry is perfect for developers to enhance a solution or create a new approach.  There is always a need or demand for a solution or specific feature that a customer wishes existed.

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