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“How important are creative briefs in your workflow?”

How important are creative briefs? Can I say “critical!”?

Can I say “critical!” x 10?

I’m a little biased here as my company specializes in the development of creative content, but a sound creative brief is absolutely imperative for achieving the vision and objectives of why an organization installs a digital display network, kiosk, etc. experience in the first place.

A sound creative brief will highlight clear and concise objectives and KPIs, identify key audience demographics and psychographics, encourage and restrict particular creative treatments, dictate start and end dates or content refresh dates or dayparting. I could go on with about several dozen other potential elements and parameters, but I don’t think I have to.

It should be pretty obvious why a sound creative brief is key, but not just to the agency or internal group creating your content. Sharing a creative brief with your integrator in as far advance as possible to a network or project launch could be invaluable as well. 

My creative production team has extensive hardware and software testing experience and can often flag requests in a creative brief that might not jive with the technology currently in place. It happens all the time as marketers cannot be expected to understand everything that may or may not be possible with the systems they are placing their content on.

That is why it is a good idea to communicate your ask, if not share the brief with your AV integrator or your internal team responsible for network operation just for a quick review to give the thumbs up on whether the ask is doable. 

One final point…

A really good creative brief will save you from scope creep, excessive and frustrating change requests, production delays and possible over-spending. 

Write the best brief you can. If you don’t have experience in briefing for this medium, ask you agency for assistance. Clearly communicate expectations so all parties are in agreement. Then, go out and produce something that will knock your audience’s socks off.

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