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“How important are creative briefs in your workflow?”

Guest Post: Jason Ferguson, Creative Director

The quick answer is “creative briefs are very important.”

When we are kicking off a project, the difference between having and not having a creative brief is substantial. Creative briefs are the roadmaps to producing great work that aligns with the client’s vision and goals. When a client doesn’t have a clear picture of what they want, our team works to help them realize a direction, and in turn, create a brief before we begin executing. That, in and of itself, can sometimes take longer than producing the actual project, which is a strong tell as to how important they are to an agency’s workflow.

A fully completed brief with a clear direction, goals, inspiration, and links to available assets is a best-case scenario and a designer’s dream. A brief provides parameters within which to work, especially if it includes a solid brand guide, and allows designers to create while taking away question marks that may actually hold them back. It’s interesting how more direction in many cases actually opens up possibilities! A great creative brief will not only give the needed information to the designer, but will also inspire ideas and motivate them to bring the message and brand to the next level.

When working with a brand that doesn’t exactly lend itself to sleek imagery or sexy design, a well-thought-out brief will allow the designer to put their energy into making the best decisions, and ultimately a great design for the project. While it is nicer to work with a brand that has those things, having that brief will at the very least allow the designer to produce the content efficiently so they can move on to something that pulls more of their creative heartstrings. Keep following that map, and it will take you through amazing terrain, mundane landscapes, and will always (usually) prevent us all from losing our way.

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