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“How important are creative briefs in your workflow?”

We do creative projects of all sizes and find that creative briefs are most helpful on larger projects. Our project pipeline is 80 percent informational digital signage, and only 20 percent digital out-of-home, but regardless, we still push for a brief even when the project is a wayfinder or interactive donor wall. For informational projects, the client and partner companies often don’t use briefs, so we might be the only partner on the project writing and using them.

A great creative brief starts a project on the right foot with a single formal document for everything from audience, objectives, messaging, to timelines. We don’t have a set format for briefs, because projects are different and, in some cases, we’re collaborating on the brief with an outside agency. Even for our smallest projects, we write a few paragraphs about the project objectives and use this basic overview to guide the project.

The odd thing about creative briefs is I’ve never seen two the same, and the process of writing them is just as varied. Each group we work with seems to want to capture unique elements about the project, and different companies and agencies have different ideas about who should originate this document.


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