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“How important are creative briefs in your workflow?”

Guest contributor: Pete Erickson, Vice President of Creative

For our workflow, creative briefs offer two primary benefits: scope and accountability.

Since most of our projects come from one ‘client’ (ourselves), they’re hugely important because they force us to invest time and thought into defining our own objectives and guardrails before diving into the creative process. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy for scope creep to set in because the built-in accountability of meeting an external client’s timeline and budget isn’t as real feeling. 

Our creative briefs (we call them “Rocks”) all must be able to answer the basic question, “What does ‘DONE’ look like?” We define DONE by identifying the project’s scope, who’s time will be needed, and defining all related subtasks complete with their own deadlines.

The only other thing I’d add is this: The greater the number of stakeholders and resources involved in the project, the greater the need for a more comprehensive and thought-through creative brief. The better the creative brief can be at serving as a project’s source of truth, the more free everyone involved is to RUN in their lane, and the easier it will be to track the project’s progress (or lack thereof) along the way.



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