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“What can creative agencies and content producers do to deliver better solutions to end users who leverage digital signage?”

It all starts with content strategy – working with everyone on the entire team to develop content and the overall plan for what the screens will actually communicate, and when.  I find the best content strategy usually involves the end-user updating much of the day-to-day content.

Digital signage content can mean many things – videos, images, data-driven HTML5, interactive, etc. We try to build a content plan around as much data-driven content as possible to help cut down on time-consuming content updates. There’s nothing worse than a content strategy where there’s little realism applied to keeping things fresh. Those plans fall apart quickly. We often develop a strategy that breaks projects into manageable phases and focuses on understanding the client’s own capabilities and resources for updating their screens. 

Content creation best practices are helpful for end-users, especially when the client is new to digital signage. This is most especially when that client only has print graphics experience and needs to learn the technical challenges of working in pixels. When these clients first approached other new mediums like digital marketing or social media, the most successful teamed up with an agency with that unique expertise. Digital signage agencies have already dealt with the challenges, understand the technical concerns and can be great guides as a client is getting their network up and running.

Creative firms do need to listen to their clients as the best new ideas often come from an end user client on their first digital signage project. They start with few preconceived notions, and the best agencies will help adapt these ideas instead of presenting canned solutions.

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