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“What can creative agencies and content producers do to deliver better solutions to end users who leverage digital signage?”

Creative agencies have the ability and responsibility to help brands leverage digital experience to connect at a more emotional and meaningful level with their customers. As creative professionals, we have a different objective lens that allows us to equally weigh the priorities of the brand with the priorities of their customers. It is common for a brand’s priorities to be driven by financial growth, and this is probably the most important business objective for any brand. In order to achieve this goal, however, the end customer must be compelled emotionally to bond with the brand and come along for the journey. Consumers buy experiences far more so than they buy functional benefits of a product or service. The customer’s desired brand experience may differ from what the brand believes is most important. An external creative agency can help by first aligning the emotive needs of both customers and the organization and clearly identifying key engagement levers that take into consideration the market dynamics and the company’s position.

In order to do this, using a three-step process like the “Think Blink” process we use at Shikatani Lacroix is vital. This process consists of three main phases, each building on the learning and insights from the preceding phase.

  1. The initial “Define” phase provides the foundation of the strategic branding direction.
  2. The “Design” phase personifies the gathered insights into design foresight.
  3. The “Deliver” phase brings executional clarity to the opportunity while ensuring the initial digital experience design vision is properly translated to executional elements.

With this strategic and creative foundation layering in the best-suited technology that can deliver a more convenient, personalized and efficient experience is the next layer. Before this recommendation can take place, considering the entire “Digital Path to Purchase” the customer will travel during their brand engagement is important to understand even if the creative agency in consideration is not responsible for delivering on all of the communication channels in this path and primarily focused in digital signage. Digital signage can play a huge part in attracting and engaging customers in the physical environment and then encouraging the engagement to continue post visit through other digital channels along the path. These calls to action can include encouraging them to download apps, share to social media and engage in loyalty programs.

New advances in technology and software mean you can find out more about who your customer is and tailor digital experiences to fit their demographic profile and lifestyle needs. This is more possible today than ever before. Personalization is a huge plus when targeting Millennials who now represent the largest purchasing group. The term “being connected” was one that you heard frequently when the Internet really began to explode, and as we move ahead to a digital world, it is ever more relevant. Customers, especially Millennials and upcoming Generation Z, experience digital reality in a physical way, and connecting those elements to the experience of delivering great brand experiences is no longer something you can add on: it’s essential.

The best digital experiences result in a win-win, when the customer gets better service and a more personal experience, and the brand gets a repeat customer with a larger check. This is more likely to be achieved if a skilled creative agency is brought in to help deliver a more emotional and meaningful experience.


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