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“What can creative agencies and content producers do to deliver better solutions to end users who leverage digital signage?”

The way to make our solutions better for end users is to leverage the platforms that exist today to solve the problems faced by end users tomorrow. The way to make our solutions better is by making the solutions to those problems 1) easier to use and implement, and, therefore, 2) more cost effective. However, making those solutions easier and more cost effective does not push those solutions to be better for tomorrow. 

Creative agencies exist because they do what is not easy to accomplish and implement. They’re not cost effective, compared to an out-of-the-box solution, but that is because they do something that is unique and amazing. It is worth the cost. They do something new and exciting that has never been done before in quite the same way. They provide a solution that is tailor-made. Creative agencies are meant to push the possibilities of what can be done with content to the next level. Better solutions for end users that want to push the envelope then, are not easier and more cost effective, but press-release worthy and award-winning. These solutions are necessary for the evolution of content creation. Creative agencies cater to the early adopter market. 

Once the envelope is pushed, however, the one-two punch of efficiency and cost effectiveness must be accomplished for the mass-market audience to cross the chasm and join the industry. Some providers of these efficiencies would be a company like mine, Screenfeed, for automated feeds, or Intuilab for interactive content, or a content app menu within digital signage software. 

Content producers and tool creators must create better solutions by leveraging technology to serve the mass market today, and creative agencies must create better solutions by pushing the envelope to discover the possibilities of tomorrow. Both must play their part in providing better solutions for end users as the industry continues to evolve. 

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