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“How do you determine when a display needs to be replaced due to visual degradation?”

The key determination for when a display is no longer usable is when it can’t maintain its day- one brightness. We do not run our displays at full brightness. Instead, we slowly turn them up, as needed, over the life of the product to maintain the original brightness. We would rather have consistent brightness over the life of the product. In almost all outdoor cases, a brighter board does not give you a better image. The overall appearance of a display can be very subjective so we rely on a NIT gun for measuring brightness. This can tell us the brightness of the display exactly, and from that, we can infer health and longevity. The second thing we look for on our LED products is tiling. The display needs to yield a consistent image, and if it looks like a checkerboard, then we consider cleaning the display. And if that doesn’t work or doesn’t apply, we call in the vendors to address the issue. Finally, we look at service visits. How often is the display down due to display hardware issues (warrantied or otherwise)? If the display is having too many service calls, we work with the vendors to resolve with new hardware as needed.

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