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“Could an in-home digital network have ads or is that sacred territory?”

Whether you have a few or hundreds of screens in your business, it is not easy to decide if you would rather use your extra screen space to improve your core business vs. earning extra ad revenue.  Here are some ideas that can help with that decision:

Reasons to utilize outside advertisers:

  • The primary service will not get diluted with third-party ads  
  • There are enough viewers and sufficient view time (e.g., taxi ride) that it is feasible to monetize
  • The ads provide commission or cross-selling opportunities 
  • An interactive kiosk needs screensaver-type content while waiting for users 

Reasons to avoid outside advertisers:

  • Doesn’t help the customers with their primary needs
  • May squeeze or limit critical content
  • Can’t sell or fulfill what the ad is offering
  • Requires content filtering in order to align with your environment

Finally, you may get some strategic ideas by analyzing businesses in your sector, lifecycle, and size.  But remember, it’s digital signage, so you can always take a chance on a few screens, and if you make a mistake, you can tweak the size, rotation, and types of content at any time.  Maximize those screens!

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