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“Could an in-home digital network have ads or is that sacred territory?”

The answer isn’t yet clear when weighing the pros and cons for digital networks to have ads. By sponsoring programming, the viewer might want to watch purely for its entertainment value, the brand message does not feel quite so burdensome. The emphasis here is on entertainment and on adopting the influence of the site or the network the program is showing on.

All of this revolves around one simple truth: The companies and content creators you like need to make money. This is why ads get so obnoxious to begin with. Ads that take over your screen, hijack your display, or even ones that are just obnoxiously loud are all attempts to command a bit more of your attention so they can’t get your money.

The best way to remove and rid yourself from constant, repetitive, and irrelevant commercials is to pay for commercial-free programming like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and most recently Apple TV+. I haven’t seen an ad while watching TV in over a month. 

Is there a compromise for companies to begin streaming ads on an in-home digital network as a new revenue stream?

The answer is yes, if asking the consumer to pay a bit more for an ad-free environment might be an option. Revenue for the provider, ad-free for their viewers.

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