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“Could an in-home digital network have ads or is that sacred territory?”

This is a loaded question, and it takes a bit to unpack the layers. The simple answer is that ads can be played on any network; the bigger question is SHOULD ads be played on any network? There are some digital signage networks that are dedicated to advertising, some networks with portions allocated to ads, and others that are completely without them.

The key consideration is the purpose of the digital signs and the internal use. Here are the questions that would need to be answered:

  • Why are ads being considered for an internal network, which I presume to be corporate communications or even customer-facing?
  • Is advertising being considered to offset the capital costs of the digital signage network?
  • Would the inclusion of advertising support or degrade your own brand? Does your company sell a product or service that would be undermined by competitor advertising?
  • Will you sell the advertising yourself or subscribe to a third-party service? What will this cost in resources or as a share of ad revenue?

There is a lot to consider before including advertisements on your digital signage network. Evaluation of your network’s purpose and audience should be taken into account to ensure that advertising would be acceptable and appropriate. In my opinion, the worst reason to add advertising to your network would be to offset costs.


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