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“Could an in-home digital network have ads or is that sacred territory?”

Is it time to get advertising on in-home digital networks? We seem to be bombarded with commercials anytime you do a web search, on your phone or computer, playing games, television, pretty much anything you interact with.  Even devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, which aren’t for the home anymore and may not play a commercial, but they really make recommendations or two…

If nothing else, I am making the assumption that most businesses have some form of in-home networks.  It can be a lunchroom or lobby display playing custom in-home content or other information, i.e. stock market update, sporting event, etc.  In this discussion, many of you already have ads.  As a minimum I would think; sponsorship promotions, in-house events or luncheons, Human Resource updates, special discounts to sporting events, amusement parks and so on.  These types of promotional “literature” should be considered in-house digital ads.  What is the difference between email, literature pickup, payroll inserts and such?  They all convey a specific message targeted to your market, i.e. business.  Most organizations really try to inform guests and staff of changes and what is happening.  So yes, in-home digital networks should expand on “in-home” advertising.  This helps offset some of the costs associated with the program, brings in better branding and sends messaging to a select and key market group.  The best industry where I’ve seen some of the craziest solutions is in medical offices.  Their designs are from very nice to clunky lobby display boxes to small single pole podium style screens in the exam rooms. This spreads the viewing a bit out of the “in-home” realm, but it really brings home the need or expectation of some form of messaging for all in a captive audience.

The business of digital has grown well beyond the mall and video wall alleys outside your realm to your phone and computer, which you use every day in and out of the office.  Industries have a habit of “bleeding” over.  Once we all feel comfortable with a technology or source, we continue using it in or out of the workplace. This keeps it simple for us and usually saves us time. Just think how different technology was in your life 5+ years ago. Access to data has changed and what is available at our fingertips in and out of the work place today barely resembles the past. The key benefit of an in-home network is to help create participation and camaraderie among team members by providing a positive impact through digital signage.  Until next month, see if you can catch some “digital” that has specific meaning for you. After all, it’s not an opaque buzzword and now comes in full color.

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