Ask the Board – December 9, 2019 | WILLIAM “WILL” COFFEY


“Could an in-home digital network have ads or is that sacred territory?”

I believe advertisements for an in-home digital network are possible.  When you think of all of the different places that advertisement happen, I do not think this is a major leap.  When the public wants access to something on a “free” service, they are willing to listen or watch advertisements in order to get to the content that they are seeking out.  I do not think that advertising on an in-home digital network is any different from this.  The only thing to work out is what the advertising revenue could be used to subsidize to allow this to occur.  The hardware could be discounted or free to make the cost of adoption for consumers easier to overcome. The content provided for the in-home digital network could also be subsidized by the advertising revenue as well, which would not make it much different than most existing TV services. Part of the requirement for signing up and activating the content for an in-home digital network may include the customer selecting areas of interest so that the advertisements are more targeted and effective. There will always be those that are willing to pay for premium content without advertisements, but for the rest, I believe it has become more acceptable as a means to an end.

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