ASK THE BOARD: Emerging Display Technologies

What new types of display technologies will be making an impact on our digital signage networks and why? (e.g., OLED, eInk, Narrow Pitch LED, Laser Projection).
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Jonathan Brawn

“For now, OLED is not quite ideal for signage use – it has amazing image quality and is incredibly thin and flexible, but it burns in, meaning we have to be extra careful.”
Principal – Brawn Consulting

Read the Answer by Ignaz Gorischek

“The future of digital is going to be very interesting. I remember a scene from Back to the Future in which they were walking past a billboard, and a huge 3D shark jumped off the sign at them.”
Vice President, Retail – CallisonRTKL

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  1. The time is right for mobile signage! Rollable LED will bring a mobile digital sign that sets up in 90 seconds, connects to the cloud via cellular for anywhere, anytime, any audience advertising with a very bright and captivating display.

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