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In your opinion, is Programmatic Advertising a good thing for DOOH? If so why? If not, why not?

Programmatic advertising and its associated real-time media buying of targeted ‘avails’ is the big trend in the online world. You are the recipient of programmatic advertising when pop-up advertising suddenly appears on a web page you’re loading for a product that you just started researching moments before. This online world is reacting to your shopping behavior in milliseconds! While there is the ‘creepy factor,’ this is just the digital version of the passionate hawker at an old world bazaar jumping in front of you enticing and touting his/her wares. Annoying perhaps, but simply ‘old school’ retailing and selling. This tactic works online because there is a seemingly endless stream of real-time data that defines our behavior and who we are.

The tools and bidding for an opportunity to jump in front of our specific eyeballs are done by massive computer farms, which have enormous processing power in a matter of nanoseconds. There simply isn’t any real-time data streams coming out of our in-store and in-life shopping journey that would allow any meaningful programmatic advertising for DOOH.

DOOH is typically defined by many simultaneous viewers, not individual experiences. The data from the DOOH sector is typically qualitative insights that have been collected and amalgamated over time and provided by the network owner. Because of its popularity, ‘programmatic advertising’ has fast become yet another buzzword and shiny object in the DOOH community to further confuse and distract the potential clients. Common sense, logical thinking and a willingness to experiment would better serve the DOOH community.

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