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In your opinion, is Programmatic Advertising a good thing for DOOH? If so why? If not, why not?

Sure, though I understand the hesitation by some.

Arguably, programmatic advertising within the industry would usher in more dollars spent on and in DOOH. More dollars being poured into the industry means more reinvestment and more advancement, which by anyone’s definition should be considered a “good thing.”

At the same time, until that perfect ecosystem for programmatic buying get’s adopted by a tipping point mass of buyers/sellers of inventory, (which won’t happen until that inventory has solved the secret formula for wide-scale measurement of audience data and impact in DOOH), there should be concern regarding the half-implementation of programmatic advertising in the industry.

Right now, there is a premium for a brand to own their own network or sponsor a custom project based on the product’s/service’s marketing campaign strategy. Though not cheap, the effect can sometimes come off as a professional form of guerrilla marketing. Therefore, the inefficiencies (unfilled ad-space, manual content scheduling/management, extremely customized content, etc.) are offset by the premium.

My personal opinion, though, is that efficiency and ease of advertising for the masses would bring in far more money to the industry than what we experience today via the “premium.” There is simply a lot of untapped ad spend dollars (billions with a “B”) currently being poured into other mediums such as mobile/online/TV that DOOH is not privy to because of a lack of measurement, inventory automation and real-time ad serving by demographic/location.

Ultimately, I’m on the side of the programmatic advertising for DOOH optimists. I see the conquering of programmatic as the next “age of DOOH” that will truly catapult the industry into the level of budgeted marketing ad spend currently only reserved widely for print/mobile/online/TV content distribution.

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