Ask the Board – February 11, 2019 | ALGERNON CALLIER


“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

Five years from now will put us in ~2023, which is enough time for another two hardware evolution cycles of significance, accompanied by incremental annual product upgrades. And perhaps more significantly, we will see strong advancements in Software, Edge & Cloud Computing, Networking Bandwidth, and Integration of Technologies.  This will mean AI-enhanced digital interactivity and content management for digital signage. Think ‘Cognitive and Aware’ digital signage, with greater personalized engagement or group/crowd interactivity, leveraging recognition technologies. And there will be more interactivity with viewers’ personal devices, such as mobile phones and wearable tech.   

Advanced digital signage will begin to be more akin to being ‘interactive portals’ into other worlds of content, with visually realistic dimensionality and perspective, unleashing a new era of creativity digitally brought to life.


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